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Dr.Botha's Extreme Cycling Challenge II

About the support crew

Dr. Andries Botha with Zaan Classens and John Isinger

Pictured above left is Zaan Classens: Zaan has been cycling alongside Dr. Botha both during pre-trip workouts and from the start of the challenge.

Zaan is 28 years old. She is married to Francois and together they have a son Nichlas who is now 2 1/2 years old. Zaan comes to us via Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Zaan has a degree in art from the University of Stellenbosch. Zaan continues her interest in art as she now works with her painting from a studio in her home.

She is an accomplished tri-athelete in the sports of swimming, running and cycling. She has previously participated in lond distance road cycling races; in particular the "Argus" in South Africa.

Zaan is a role model for others in her daily life as she balances being a mother, wife, and artist while maintaining her own personal individuality. She believes it is important to remain healthy, both mentally and physically and to break out of your comfort zone.

Just having fun

Note from Webmaster:
It's rumoured that the "alleged" truck driver involved in the accident during pre trip training was so distracted by the site of such an attractive lady on a bike he was unable to see the other cyclist (Dr.Arno Botha).

On the right is John Isinger, a long time resident of Grimshaw, and now fills the position of public works forman for the town. John is married to Sharon and together they have 2 children He was raised in Bluesky, Alberta. John is an avid sportsman well known for his hunting skills.

Missing from the above photo is Niel Hofmeyr who joined the crew on route to Vancouver. Niel is married to Louis Hofmeyr, together they have two children, Le Roux (8) and Lishe (4). Niel works for an electricity supplying company "ESKOM" where he is a Land Surveyer - measuring electricity lines using Global Positioning Systems and other instruments. He lives in George, a coastal town in the south of South Africa. He has been a keen cyclist, and has lately started to take up golf. Niel is a dedicated husband. He loves making food and is a good chef. Together with his wife, who also has her own private catering business, they are a formidable team and any invitation for a meal is a real feast.

Following is a short passage about Niel from an email recieved from Shaun and Estre':(inlaws)

Neil is married to Louise and has a son - Le Roux and a daughter - Lishe'. Neil will be 43 years old on 18th August and they currently live in George in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Hobbies: cycling, cooking, red wine and his family. He met Arno in Queenstown where they both resided in 1974. They have done a couple of cycling tours together and enjoy cycling together.

Thanks go to Francois Classens, Willie Louw, and Shaun and Estre' for help with this site.
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